Humans are like clocks,

They tic and tac,

They go only forward,

And leave seconds behind.




I’m hexing around,
with my gloomy potions and my mixed herbs;
with sparkly candles and sweet poisoned drinks,
do you want to taste or are you afraid of death?

The ash you smell is a piece of burned hell,
The crow you hear was a beautiful girl instead,
A high tower you’d expect,
Until you tripped and fell…

A pretty body should I have,
lying here under the ground,
now these old remains you’ve found,
and I am greeting you from beyond.

The smog from the burned,
Is choking you as it should,
You’re not dead, nor with wound,
You’re trapped and I am gone for good.

Are you a spider?
climbing between my bones.
Are you a smell?
rotten floating above the jar,
Are you a rat?
sitting comfy near my bed,
Or are you a bat?
hanging above my head.

You should wait, for years to pass,
with lack of life and with less sense,
to be the one with crumbled breath;
Are you haunted or not yet?

Not a dead end

they cry for a body, after flesh and bones;
they leave him alone, on his holy throne,
guardians are watching, over the dead…when:
cats play in a coffin, in a puddle of blood,
so near to you, they will always be,
in this cold coffin, we are only three,
and the two of them, are eating me.
now I know, I’m finally free,
I live in them, so I can see,
how the others, are forgetting me.

Darkness falls

The darkness fills the void,

Every drop, every scent,

Is telling me my purpose,

It makes a sense out of it all.


A black glove on a lightened hand,

Rotten flesh on a diamond bone,

Golden bone around the coal marrow,

Poison out of my senses.