The story of a creature

This text was written 8 years ago, when I finished the creative writing course. Unfortunately I can’t remember any tips and tricks   but it was a positive experience and after all these years  I’m still satisfied with the result:

She: Wanna go out?

~ All I remained is an empty shell. I died in time, with some ash within. I was brought back to life through a smile. Creature born from nothing. ~
He: Maybe another time, I’m really busy these days.

~ All I remained is something broken, I’m on my way crawling, losing my senses. Creature left alone by the sense, by my sense. ~

She: Wanna go out?

~  I shine…again, a sense is coming, still far away but on his way to me. ~

He: Maybe another time, I’m really busy right now.

~ I’m gray, the sense is gone, all there is, is nothing buried in suffocating ash.

She: Wanna go out?

He:  Maybe another time, I have something to do all the time.

The creature: Tell her to give me what belongs to me.

He: This can’t be real, it’s to grotesque, it doesn’t belong to this world, it must be my imagination.

She: Wanna go out?

He:  Maybe another time. I have so much to deal with.

The creature: I told you to tell her to give me what belongs to me.

He: Tell who?

The creature: Tell the person you don’t want to want you, to give me back what is mine.

He: What are you talking about…hey, where are you?

She: Wanna go out?

~ Maybe I should give up…he has “something to do all the time” anyway. ~

He: Maybe another time, I’m really busy right now. I have all the time something to do.

~ Is she…? ~

He: Could it be that you have something to give back to someone, something that doesn’t belong to you?

She: No. What’s with this odd question all of a sudden?

He: Well, just asking, never mind.

The creature: Why didn’t you tell her? Do you want to know what can happen if you disobey? Do you really want to go that far, I ask you? Tell her to give me what belongs to me.

He: I can’t stand it anymore; I don’t want to see this thing ever again.

He: Would you believe me if I would tell you that I see something that’s not real?

She: What do you mean by “not real”?

He: Something like a ghost, a creature, not entirely human more rotten then, then…

The creature: Tell her!

He: Can you see it….give it back….it’s not yours.

The creature: Tell her to give what belongs to me.

He: She…she wants you to give her back what is hers.

She: I don’t understand.

The creature: She should give me back what she has stolen from me.

He: Give her back what you have stolen from her.

The creature: She should give me back the part of me that she’s constantly stealing and using.

He: You, you…I don’t understand.

She: Calm down, look around, we are alone. Why are you so scared?

The creature: My mask she’s wearing, tell her to give me back what was always mine.

He: A mask, you must give back the mask you’ve taken.

She: What mask?

~ This is scary, is he mentally healthy? After what just happened I would say no. But…what mask?…that I have stolen, that is hers. A mask that now is mine but dosen’t belong to me. The mask I wear, is that the mask? But why hers…only if that thing, apparently grotesque… ~

He: …She’s gone!

~ What’s happening? I don’t understand anything. Am I crazy? ~

She: You know, that mask, what if I can’t give it to the thing. Can’t because it’s not an object, not because I don’t want to give it back. You agree with me that you can’t give back a meaning, right?

He: I don’t really know what to say, but…I suppose.

She: And I’m not sure that the mask is hers. I tend to believe that it’s actually mine.

He: Why do you say that?

She: It’s just a thought.

He: I think I’m insane.

She: Tell me more about that creature.

He: It doesn’t have a clear shape. I suppose it’s a she, it has some kind of breasts. Her voice it’s just a sound, like a calm but mad squeak of an instrument. Her skin is uneven and has the consistence of plasticine. All this in a grey with influences of blue and green. Not very tall or short, with the hands hanging near the body, one longer then the other, almost liquid; with no hair or nails. And her sight is dark and evil. This is all I can tell you about that thing. And the weirdest part is that she resembles someone, but I don’t know who.

She: What if I tell you that the creature you see is the real me?  

He: It doesn’t make any sense. Why would you say that?

She: Just think about it.

~ That creature, she…it can’t be. But still, now that she’s mentioned…is it not so impossible at all. That thing wanted the mask from her to be complete, and she told me that the mask is a metaphor. Is she, the creature, without the mask, can that grotesque being be the real she? And that dark sight…even if it was grotesque, it was at the same time normal. If it was the pure she, the inside is not necessarily bad, just different. ~

She: Wanna go out?

He: Maybe…


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